Is it time to rewire your smoke alarm?

Is it time to rewire your smoke alarm?The smoke alarms ensure your safety while you’re at home. These alarms immediately warn you when a fire starts at the home. These alarms are designed with smart technology and they can help you for many years.

In today’s world, the smoke alarms are smart enough that they start throwing water when the fire begins at the home.

But you might have heard about incidents where the smoke alarms didn’t work and the fire swallowed the entire property. If you want to stay safe from these problems, you must regularly check the performance of these alarms.

Sometimes, the alarms don’t work properly due to worn out batteries. And sometimes, they don’t send a warning because of the connectors. These issues can easily be fixed within a few minutes. But if the issue is bigger, you’d have to rewire your smoke alarms. In this article, we’ll let you when is the right time to rewire your smoke alarm. So, let’s get started.

After 10 years

According to the government’s rules and regulations, you can use the smoke alarms for a maximum period of 10 years. You must be lucky enough that your smoke alarms worked perfectly for 10 years. But now, you should rewire them as soon as possible because they aren’t reliable anymore.

Sometimes, the homeowners, get the smoke alarms checked after 10 years to find out if they are still useful or not. But we do not recommend using them even if they appear to be perfect.

Carry out monthly tests

The authorities have set the standards where homeowners are required to test the smoke alarms every month. But the homeowners do not follow this practice regularly. As a result, they put the entire family’s life at a risk. We recommend carrying out tests every month so you may find out if the fire alarms are working fine or not.

If the fire alarms do not detect the smoke during the test, you need to find out if the batteries are working properly or not.

Some alarms didn’t work

You must have installed a number of smoke alarms in different rooms. These alarms need to make a sound as soon as they detect the smoke. But if one or more units aren’t working properly, you need to rewire the entire system. If you considered repairing the damaged unit only, the issue will reappear in the future. Therefore, it’s important that you resolve the problem right when it’s discovered.

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